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The village Ždiar was founded in the second half of 16th century. First written mention about the village dates back to 1590. Ždiar was founded by František Lužinský, castellan of Horváth family, the largest feudal family in a region of northern Spiš.

Ždiar village is one of Slovakia’s jewels – a distinctive Tatra village with its own specific traditions, customs, folklore, culture and more than 1300 inhabitants. Ždiar is specific for its architecture, Goral settlements and typical Goral monostructure. Its whole adjacent territory is included in the protected area of TANAP, Golias Nature Reserve, the Belian Tatras Nature Reserve, UNESCO and PRLA. A number of endangered species of fauna and flora can still be found in the area. Cadastre of Ždiar is a part of a national ecological network NECONET.

The village is situated in an elevation of 896 metres, located to the north of a city Poprad (32 km). Ždiar lies in Podtatranská brázda furrow and is bordered by Spišská Magura in the north, Eastern Tatras in the east and a state border with Poland in the west (13 km). Southern gate is formed by the area of the Belian Tatras.

Skiing and winter sports

Ski centrum Strednica-Ždiar (3,8 km) Ski Bachledova (3,1 km) Monkova dolina-Monka (2,5 km) Ski centrum Strachan (3,4 km)

Ski slopes on the Polish side:


Trekking trips

From Ždiar to Tatranská Lomnica (Ždiar – Monková dolina – Kopské sedlo – Chata pri Zelenom plese – Skalnaté pleso – Tatranská Lomnica) total time: 9 hours, elevation gain: 1192 m, difficulty: a difficult, whole day, high altitude trekking trip with demanding ascents. It is possible to descent into “a valley of seven springs” under Bujačí vrch mountain and get to a chalet chata Plesivec (1290 m.a.s.l.), the only mountain chalet in the Belian Tatras with a trekking route descending into Tatranská Kotlina.

From Ždiar to Osturňa (Ždiar – Magurka – Osturnianske lake – Osturňa – Strednica – Ždiar) total time: 7 hours, elevation gain: 498 m, difficulty: mildly difficult, whole day trekking trip with small elevation gain. Osturňa village is often referred to as “living open-air museum” – a monument reserve of folk architecture.

Educational trail from Bachledová valley to jezerské lake (Bachledová valley – Malá poľana /lookout tower/ – Bukovina – Jezerské lake – Malá poľana – Bachledová) total time: 3 hours and 45 minutes, elevation gain: 362 m, difficulty: easy, short trekking trip, suitable for families with children and seniors.


You can find bicycle and electric bicycle rental with seats directly in Ždiar or in Monková dolina.

Ždiar – Osturňa – Spišské Hanušovce (length: 28 km, elevation gain: 323 m, terrain and difficulty: asphalt trail with a number of steep climbs, passing through mountain terrain.

Ždiar – Magurské sedlo (length: 22 km, elevation gain: 806 m, terrain and difficulty: demanding trail mostly on gravel roads with high elevation gain.

Bike park Sun Bachledová – offering 4 trails of different difficulty, Bike park is popular mostly with downhill lovers and adrenaline junkies.

Treetop walk Bachledka – discover Tatra mountains from treetops and admire the surrounding nature of Tatra and Pieniny mountains and Zamagurie region from bird’s perspective. The walk features a number of educational points that will tell you more about the local nature, illustrate the devastating effects of extreme weather and uncover many details about the surrounding landscape. There is no lack of adrenaline and fun on this treetop walk. You programme here will consist of walking over obstacles and balancing bridges high above the trees, solving various tasks, walking over a net in the middle of a 32-meter-high lookout tower and ride down a 67-meter-long toboggan on your way down. Families, children (also small children in strollers) and seniors are all welcome. The walk extending over 1234 metres is barrier-free and completely safe thanks to a safety railing. Dogs and bicycles are not allowed on the treetop walk. There is, however, a designated area at the entrance, where you can leave them for a moment.


Little train Vláčik Maguráčik – in operation during summer tourist season. This sightseeing train is mostly popular with children, who can enjoy a tour of the village and surrounding area in style.


Family fun in SUN Bachledová – bobsled, cable-car, educational trail, lookout tower, kids’ park.


Adventure minigolf in Ždiar – A minigolf course consisting of 9 holes. While playing, children will also learn more about the animals native to the region.

Discgolf in Bachledová dolina – a 9-hole course spreading over the Bachledka ski-slope, offering you panorama view of the Belian Tatras while you play.

For lovers of folklore and traditions

For those interested in learning about the life, customs and housing of local people, Ždiarsky dom museum should not be missed. Besides enjoying an interesting guided tour, visitors can experience traditional wedding typical of Ždiar and put on a folk costume. A horse-drawn sleigh ride is offered as an additional attraction in the museum.

We should not forget the official gallery of the Belian Tatras, displaying photographs of various formats and oil paintings of the Belian Tatras, but offering also souvenirs and information leaflets about nearby attractions.

Ordering a sleigh or carriage Mr. Karol +421 907 904 654



The surroundings of Ždiar offer limitless possibilities for experiences related to culture, history, sports, adventure and relaxation. We have selected several attractions for you that are definitely worth visiting.

• Skiing

Ski resorts in High Tatras:

  • Tatranská Lomnica (22 km)
  • Štrbské Pleso (44 km)
  • Starý Smokovec (27 km)

offers 24 km of well-groomed ski slopes ,  20 modern cable cars and ski lifts.

More informations: regiontatry.sk

Skiing in Poland:

• Hiking

These are some of the most popular trekking trips:

  • nearly 4 kilometres long trail between Štrbské and Popradské pleso. A symbolic cemetery, hidden in pine trees on the west side of Ostrva peak near Popradské pleso is a very popular tourist sight in the area.
  • Jazerá lásky (“Lakes of Love”) on Štrbské pleso.
  • Morské oko (“Sea Eye”) – the largest Tatra tarn, located on the Polish side of Tatra mountains.
  • Tatra chalets –  Zamkovského chata, Téryho chata, Rainerova chata, Zbojnícka chata, Horský hotel Sliezsky dom, Chata pri Popradskom plese, Chata pod Rysmi, Chata pod Soliskom, Chata pri Zelenom plese, Chata Plesnivec.
  • Tatra valleys – Tichá dolina, Kôrová dolina, Furkotská dolina, Mlynická dolina, Mengusovská dolina, Batizovská dolina, Velická dolina, Veľká Studená dolina, Malá studená dolina, Skalnatá dolina, Dolina Kežmarskej Bielej vody, Javorová dolina, Bielovodská dolina, Monkova dolina.
  • Waterfalls – Skok, Kmeťov vodopád, Večný dážď, waterfalls and cascades of Studený potok.
  • Ascents to Tatra peaks – Kriváň, Predné Solisko, Rysy, Východná Vysoká, Slavkovský štít, Jahňací štít.

• Natural and cultural monuments

  1. Belianska cave in Tatranska Kotlina (10 km) – The Belianska Cave belongs among the most visited show caves in Slovakia. Except for bizarre rocky shapes, it is known by rich occurrence of calcite fills. 
  2. Spiš Castle (68 km) The castle ruins together with unique environs of Spis territory is since 1993 registered in UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

• Museums

  • Museum of TANAP – the nature and history of the Tatras.

  • Ski museum – Tatranská Lomnica – history of the origin and development of winter sports in the High Tatras from their very beginning until 1945

  • Museum Kežmarok – exhibitions of historic vehicles
  • Museum Červený kláštor – the exhibition brings the history and monastic life of the monks closer.

• Activities and experiences for the whole family

Tricklandia –  STARÝ SMOKOVEC At first, we simply get the impression that what we see is real. Only later do we realise it’s a trick, once we give it a bit more thought. Trick-art artists try their best to “deceive” you – and you are going to want to identify as many of these tricks as possible. It’s exciting and entertaining for everyone!

GALÉRIA DOBRÁ HRAČKA – Tatranská Lomnica – children playground

Nestville park HNIEZDNE
explore the home of the first Slovak whisky
chocolate kingdom
place to explore animal life from closer look