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Mountain resort Ždiar

The apartment house is situated in a quiet location with a glamorous view of the Belian Tatras’ peaks. Area around the apartment house is abundant in greenery, creating the most perfect place for relax. The apartments are popular with visitors for the sense of privacy and for their stylish interiors. Families with kids will love a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom with two king size beds and large duvets.

A reception and a stylish restaurant with a bar are located in the River pension, 150 meters away from the apartments. Its cosy atmosphere and wooden design will immediately charm you.

Dinners and breakfasts offer a wide selection of meals, all prepared according to our traditional recipes. If you wish to treat yourself to a relaxing evening in a warm jacuzzi with a glass of sparkling wine, the River pension offers that as well. Besides, the River pension will surprise you with a lovely terrace at the back with precious view of the Belian Tatras. Paired with a glass of wine or a cup of quality Lamborghini coffee, everyone can enjoy their special moment.

Treat yourself to serene and safe holidays in the virgin nature of the Belian Tatras.